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A self-paced course that helps you create content for your business that converts leads into clients, sells your offers and stand out in the social media space.


is this you?

You find it hard to come up with content ideas that resonate with your audience.

You are spending hours and hours on content creation but you’re still not getting any clients.

You’re racking your brain to figure out what content to post to convert your followers into clients.

You see other entrepreneurs absolutely rocking it out there and are wondering how YOU can stand out from them.

You struggle with writing captions that get engagement and convert your leads to clients.


but did you know..

Most entrepreneurs spend 90% of their time on creating
content and only 10% on building relationships with leads.


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Reference: Tiff Cheng

As an entrepreneur, you need to spend more time building relationships with your idea clients rather than spending hours and hours creating content.

You are probably spending 90% of your time creating content and just 10% promoting it and getting results from it.

And.. how's that working for you?


Content Creation doesn't have to be a struggle. It is absolutely fun but only when you have the right strategies and techniques in place.

More importantly, your content needs to help you convert your leads to clients!
And that's exactly what Magnetic Content Academy teaches you!


You don't need lots of followers to get clients.
You don't have to post twice a day to get clients.
You don't need to run behind your ideal clients in the DMs.
You don't those spammy Instagram hacks to get clients.


here's what you need 

A way to stand out on social media amongst the many other entrepreneurs that are out there!

A growth strategy that will help you grow on Instagram to attract new leads and ideal clients!

Highly Converting Captions that attract your leads and ideal clients to get in touch with you.

A proven method to help you create your content calendar for
ONE ENTIRE MONTH in less than two hours.

A content strategy that will help you come up with lots of
content ideas that CONVERT and create 'em without overwhelm.


When I started creating content on social media, I had difficulties. The difficulty in making a content strategy. I was however able to come up with content pillars and ideas for myself but the same did not happen with my clients. Also, the strategy I had did not attract clients.

With MCA, I learned a new method of strategizing content and designing my posts in a different manner. Post MCA, the clients have been wanting to work with me and I have worked with 5+ clients as retainers and made more than 1 lakh + INR this is big for me. I must thank you for teaching this methodology of content creation in an hour.. this has saved a lot of time and enabled me to work with a lot of people at the same time.

- Lakshmi Ramasubramaniam

Email Marketing Expert

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I was always confused about how to plan and manage my content on social media. Signing up for the Magnetic Content Academy course is one of my best decisions in life. After completing all lessons in MCA, I am able to create one month of content ahead and my posts started getting more saves.

I got 2 clients as well after I changed my content game by following all the tips shared in the academy.  Join today and make your content Ahh-mazing!!

- Moulshree Sarwate

Social Media Manager

sounds exciting?



Magnetic Content Academy or MCA is a step-by-step guide for entreprenuers who want to stand out on social media, create a brand for themselves, and create content that converts leads into followers and followers into clients!


Guess what! I got an international client! After MCA, this is the 3rd inbound lead and I'm so happy! They looked into my blog, Instagram page and they wanted me to join their team. I am so happy that I've joined MCA.

- Kirupa Sekar

Content Writer


I started MCA on 10th June, got 2 SMM clients within 3 weeks of being an SMM, and got so many DM inquiries for my services.

MCA helped me in building a quality content strategy that touched each and every content pillar of my ideal clients and thus helping me build expertise in my niche.

- Vishakha Singh

Social Media Manager

here's what you'll learn inside MCA

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  • The 3 Key Components To Standing Out on Social Media as an expert.

  • How To Optimize Your Instagram Profile To Attract Your Ideal Clients and Convert Your Ideal Profile Visits To Followers.

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  • The 3 Steps To Creating Content That Sells so you don't have to worry about getting your next client and converting them.

  • A Content Strategy that helps you be seen as an expert in your niche and makes content creation a breeze.

  • How To Create Your Content Calendar in less than 90 minutes with my proven workflow so you don't spend hours planning!

  • BONUS: How To Do Your Market Research.

Copy of Canva Devices Mockup Scene Creator (4).png
  • The Structure Of a Highly Converting Caption so your audience doesn't get bored.

  • 8 Headline Formulas To Write Captivating Headlines That Hook Your Audience 

  • 3 Caption Formulas to make caption writing easier (no more spending hours trying to come up with a caption)

  • How To Use An Effective CTA to spark a conversation

Copy of Canva Devices Mockup Scene Creator (5).png
  • The Hashtag Strategy to help you get more reach 4 Types of Hashtags To Use

  • 3 Ways To find your hashtags

  • How To Create Your Hashtag Bank that you can use for months

  • A hashtag engagement strategy

  • How To Build an Engaged Community

  • Introduction To Reels

  • How To Find Content Ideas For Reels

  • How To Film and Edit Reels

  • How To Create a Reel Cover

2021-03-22-101617852__1_-removebg-preview (8).png

MCA 2.0 literally changed content creation for me, Sonitha made it super simple, but it has crazy good strategies. Reached 1.3K on Instagram and it also helped me get clients. 

I hit my income goals easily after this program, I enjoy creating content now and started my Youtube channel as I am saving a lot of time spending on creating content. 

- Prerona Mukherjee

Content Writer

I believed hashtags not going to work for me. But with your Hashtag Bank, it worked. My hashtags went up from 7 to 149 which I never expected!

After MCA, the engagement rate is always 20+% because I tried the strategy you taught in MCA. 

With the strategies you taught inside MCA, I could create content easily in 2hrs. 

- Pavithra Sekar

Social Media Manager


meet your mentor

sonitha mandava

Hey! I'm Sonitha. 

I've been creating content on Instagram for three years now - since I was 16 years old.

In just the first year of my business, I made a revenue of over 8L INR by launching my business on Instagram. That's the power of highly converting content!

Everything that I teach you inside MCA is what I use for my social media EVERY SINGLE DAY. These are tips, tricks, and strategies that I have learned in the last 3 years that have completely transformed my content creation process from overwhelming to enjoyable.

Honestly, I can't wait to see you inside MCA and help you completely transform your brand and your content. It would be absolutely amazing!

let's talk about the bonuses

astridelle (6).png

Access for 6 months to all the course modules that will cover A-Z of content creation, branding and infographics. These modules will teach you everything you need to know about content creation and will simplify social media marketing for you!

An E-Book with 30+ content prompts to help you plan your content for one month in less than 2 hours. These are the exact prompts that I use every single month to help you build authority in your niche.

Access to my private Facebook group for 6 months. This Facebook group is exclusively for MCA students and this is the place where you can always ask me questions, get feedback and interact with other in the community!


You will get lifetime access to my Notion template for content planning that will make content planning and creation a million times easier and faster too! This template will follow the exact strategies I teach inside MCA. This is so life-changing!


You will get lifetime access to my Notion template for content repurposing so you don't need to break your head to find new ideas for your social media ever again! Content Repurposing will make life so much more easier and this template will help you do that even easier!

A weekly Instagram Insights tracker to keep a track of your growth on Instagram and understand what strategies and posts are working the best for you!


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ready to create magnetic content?


6-month access to MCA 2.0 (Value: 8500 INR)

1 Monthly Call for 6 months (Value: 6000 INR)

6 months of support in the FB group. (Value: 3000 INR)

Priceless Community Support (Priceless)

Unlimited Support from Sonitha (Priceless)

Total value: 17500 INR


INR 1897/-

Price increases soon!

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