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I am new pretty new to Instagram and I have almost zero knowledge on how to create good Infographics. I was also struggling to come up with new content ideas every single week on Instagram. That's when I came across Sonitha's Magnetic Content Academy. Believe me or not now I have my own BRAND kit and also able to create a lot of savable and sharable Infographics. Content prompts and Notion Template shared in the course are lifesavers to come up with new content ideas.

- Chandana

Coming up with a content plan that works to step up our Instagram game in less time is very difficult especially if you have a FULL-TIME job. The P.E.M.B. strategy that Sonitha shared in Magnetic Content Academy is very helpful. This course also helps a lot in creating your brand on Instagram. I am so thankful to Sonitha for this course and this course is GAME CHANGER if you want to create your brand on Instagram effortlessly.

- Shanmathi

I joined Magnetic Content Academy in the month of November. The course is well designed and the strategies explained in the video can be easily implemented. The group coaching calls are helpful to clear any doubts that we get. If you're finding it difficult to create and manage content, then Magnetic Content Academy and Sonitha are the right choices to start with.

- Kimaya


Thank you Sonitha for making this course available, now I don't get tired and I don't get overwhelmed after making content. I am able to make a whole month content plan just in 2 hours so effortlessly. It will be possible only if you join Magnetic Content Academy, so Good Luck!!

- Srestha

The course content and group coaching calls are the highlights of Magnetic Content Academy. The way the content is put in all the modules of are so easy to understand and group coaching calls every single week are clear the doubts that we get while implementing the strategies. I am able to create my brand content and content strategy all by myself after joining this course. I thank Sonitha for this valuable course. 

- Lipi Sharma

Being a content writer, I was struggling a lot to come up with content ideas and plan every week. The strategies I learned in this course are awesome and helped me solving my content game problems. If you're still on the fence, just join without a doubt, this course will change your content game. 

- Monica

Joining MCA has been one of my best investments I made in 2020. The content of the course is very concise and detailed which covers branding, content strategy, and content planning. If you're new to side hustles or the world of freelancing this is a one-stop solution if you want to cover everything in a single go.


- Roshini  

After joining Magnetic Content Academy, my Instagram growth has increased drastically. Also, my mindset towards posting content on Instagram improved a lot. This course by Sonitha made me feel comfortable in posting stories, reels, and infographics confidently.  I recommend everyone to join this course if you're looking for ways to improve their Instagram content.

- Shameena


I've wanted to build my brand and start a side hustle for almost a year, and joining MCA was my way of taking one step closer to this dream. Sonitha helped me conquer my fears and taught so many value-added lessons that I wouldn't get elsewhere. I have already started implementing her strategies and can't wait to take my brand to the next level. Thank you so much for the highly impactful lessons, Sonitha!

Forever grateful,


Pratibha G



When MCA launched, I always knew that I want to get into MCA without any fail and guess what, MCA was beyond my expectations. The modules are beautifully explained and you will also get a Canva tour which is so useful. 

Due to MCA, I started my new account and within few days, I have made a community of 48 followers and for me, it is huge as well. 

I have more clarity and I have scheduled my content before hand. My graphics have improved. I have a brand palette and my feed absolutely looks stunning. All thanks to Sonitha! 

MCA is a blessing and you will never regret enrolling yourself into it. 


- Srestha

I joined your MCA in the month of November and that’s the best decision I've ever made. I am a kind of person who gets numerous content ideas randomly but fail to note them down and implement it. I loved the Content strategy session from your course as it taught me how to plan for the whole month’s content. I have started using notion and it’s so much fun!! I have started creating infographics only because of you. I started enjoying the process and it’s all because of you. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart and Wish you all the good luck in all your future endeavors. Keep doing the great work you are doing.


P G Sravya Prada

First of all Thank you so much for creating such a valuable, content rich course for all the people who are seeking for some logical guidance to work towards their goal of content creation in Instagram and build a side hustle. I am one of them...

I started this course with the highest of my energy and enthusiasm. I am still on top of my spirit and looking forward to attending the course every day and complete, so that I can work on my hustle with proper knowledge. 

Once again thank you so very much and keep up the good work. 

- Ananya
Owner of the page @annies_curried_life
YouTube content creator

My experience with MCA is super amazing. ⭐I personally used to struggle a LOT with being consistent on Instagram and that was the main reason why I joined MCA. Whenever Sonitha launched a new course, I never thought twice before enrolling because I know Sonitha offers more than she promises every time. And so she did! 

It took me less than an hour to plan content for one-month. It saves a lot of time!


Trust me, the courses are thoroughly made with all the little details explained very well. It not only helps you with the confidence of getting started, but it also makes sure you have support all through your journey.


Not just that, Sonitha makes sure that there is personalized attention given to everyone. Her support and encouragement definitely give a push.


The MCA holds something for everybody. Thank you Sonitha for being a wonderful mentor. So even if you're a beginner or a pro, you can join the MCA. ⭐

- Divya

I know Sonitha from a webinar she conducted for an academy that I’m part of. I was impressed by her session and the knowledge she shared. I was awestruck when I came to know she is just 18 but her knowledge is commendable. I started following her in IG after that and was impressed by her stories, posts, mini-training.

When I saw her announcement for a program she is ready to launch exclusively for creating content, I just enrolled without a second thought. The course is absolutely worth the money we pay. 

The program covers some excellent concepts - visual Branding, content strategy, types of infographics, how to plan and manage for contents even for a month and so many other topics being covered which is very valuable

For a newbie like me who wants to provide some exceptional content value for the audience, this MCA program is a boon and it gives you A to Z about IG content creation. 

- Shyama Herold

Sonitha helped me with every aspect of content creation on Instagram. Now, creating content has become ease but my favorite was group coaching calls and Hashtag strategies that she gives out in those calls.

- HamsaVarthini Aathreya

I'm a digital creator and a proud student of MCA. I have started my Instagram account as a support system for my youtube channel. Initially, growth was good but after a certain point, it didn't grow much. That's the time Sonitha started MCA and being a follower of Sonitha for years without giving any second thought i enrolled for the course. I must say it a power package that has each and everything about content creation and her video coaching calls is full of valuable information and strategies to improve engagement and finally, her content calendar is a lifesaver for a busy mom like me. Thankyou sonitha for providing the course and yes it gave a push to my account by just following the strategies. If you are someone looking for the best mentor to guide you on Instagram then I highly recommend you to join MCA. It values each and every rupee we are spending on it.

- Priya

Going to binge watch MCA ......
(Netflix who's that)

- Vishaka

I'm in Module 3, It's awesome 🔥🔥🔥 2nd module was bomb 💣
I don't think no one will ever teach on how to write captions but you taught! 
Unique Content 
- Ujwala

God I can't explain, that PEMB strategy has given me a KICK. 
I'm loving MCA. 

But also on personal level I would want to add that your efforts are appreciated. God bless you.

I never thought MCA 2.0 would be this awesome. I already thought MCA 1.0 was great but MCA 2.0 was beyond my expectation. 


I loved how you structured this course. How you taught to infuse the authority binding factor with PEMB strategy. Creating a content map and then a calendar. 


Oh and the caption module was a BOMB 💣 


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