How To Automate Your Course Launch

You are pouring your sweat, tears, and soul into your course creation?

Add some magic powder called automation to speed up your process.

But how can you even do that? Is automation possible in creating your course?

Well, I will not lie that 100% automation is possible.

But, you can automate both repetitive tasks and course marketing processes.

Let us get into details of how we can automate the whole process of creating and launching your course.

The Course Creation Process

  1. Ideation of your course

  2. Grow your audience

  3. Create your course

  4. Nurture your audience

  5. Launch your course

  6. Promoting your launch on Social Media and Emails

These are the six stages of a course launch.

Do you know what decides the success of a course launch?

The amount of time and effort you spend launching it and how you make your students feel.

Best of efforts go into vain when the course launch requires you to be present 100% of the time but does not bring a good feeling to the viewers or your students.

Your course would feel and look premium only when you have a proper process behind how you market and launch it.

There are a few processes behind every course.

  1. Social Media Content

  2. Paid content like ads

  3. Email Series that goes along with the launch

  4. Designing a funnel and automating it [helps you decide when your audience should see which content]

  5. Onboarding your students

  6. Offboarding your students

Let us see the various processes of your course launch in detail.

1. Social media content

You know how content creation on social media is well-known. However, the content created during your course launch is not the same thing as your regular content. You would strategize your content for social media to help your audience know about you and what you are launching. You would build a know-like trust factor using your content strategy. The know-like-trust based content nurtures your audience and make them ready to buy your course once you launch. Planning your launch ahead of time will enable you to prepare the content for social media well in advance. Now, go forth and schedule the content you have created. Scheduled content would save you the last minute worry about the social platforms where your audience notices every move you make.

2. Are your running ads? Get the funnel ready!

Paid promotions are a great way to boost your prospect of selling more seats in your course. But this should not stop you from posting content regularly. Ads always help you to increase engagement in the existing content. So keep the pieces of the puzzle ready.

Now answer these questions to get your puzzle ready.

  • Is your landing page or the sales page ready?

  • If the ad is giving away a freebie, is it available?

  • What is the content that the person who clicks on the ad sees?

  • Do you have a sign-up form with the privacy policy and GDPR norms mentioned?

  • Do you have a welcome series automated in your email service provider?

  • What blog posts and videos do you want your new subscribers to see?

Create a pathway for your prospect to move forward towards buying your course.

Constructing an easy 'yes-sequence' is essential for increasing your conversion rate.

3. Email automation for launches.

Even if you do not have a list, you should have an email funnel automated.

Using a freebie, you can grow your list. This list of subscribers is the cold leads that come into your funnel through your Freebie. These subscribers are like your new followers on Instagram and LinkedIn. They are looking for information about you and your course through you and your website. So buckle up and write emails that would help your subscribers know about you and your business. Nurture your audience through educational, motivational and promotional content in your emails. You can make use of social media posts and youtube videos as an accompaniment to your email content. This funnel can be automated using a behavioural decision tree model in your email service providers. Now, your subscribers are led through a pathway to reach your final course offer.

Some email campaign funnels that you can automate are:

  • Lead generation process

  • Tripwire / upsell campaign

  • Welcome campaign

  • Nurture campaign series (separately for cold, warm and hot leads)

  • Core offer pitch - sales series

  • Rejection series (to know why someone did not buy from you)

  • Students onboarding series

  • Offboarding - feedback series

  • Transactional emails for products/buyers

  • Newsletter for regular subscribers.

4. Design a funnel and automate it.

Do you have more than one course on offer? Well, funnels are here for your service. Content production should relate to the courses you have on offer. Multiple course sales automation is possible through ads, social media posts and email marketing. Chart out a customer journey and decide the touchpoints for your customers. Research states that it takes up to 14 touchpoints for every customer to convert. These touchpoints include every view of your brand on ads, social media, email campaigns, influencer marketing, content you produce. When you map out the journey your customers take to reach the decision stage in buying your course, you will be able to see how much content you need to produce in advance for your funnels to work.

Type of content for each stage of the funnel ((attach digital marketing funnel))

5. Onboarding your students

What is a premium course without anyone to welcome you when you buy it? But you cannot sit through to check purchases every minute. You would prepare for that much-awaited welcome call where your presence is of absolute importance rather than sitting through to check your sales every minute. To save your time is why you need to have a foolproof onboarding process. Onboarding makes your new course joiners feel special. Onboarding makes the students see your entire course as a bonus.

A Welcome email is like treating your guests with respect.

Giving them a small gift along with their welcome kit improves your conversion rate as it instils trust in the audience's minds. It forms part of your 'yes-sequence'. A subtle yes with every CTA ensures higher conversion rates.

Pointers to follow for a great onboarding process.

  • Keep the onboarding simple & easy to follow

  • Don't have bulky emails or notes to be followed. It makes people feel like they have a huge commitment to keeping.

  • Too many touchpoints in the onboarding make the process clunky.

  • No gifts? It's okay. Don't give generic freebies.

  • Map out the proceedings of the course.

  • Direct people to help them find what they want.

  • Show them around your course platform for a better navigation experience.

6. Offboarding your students

"My course is over, and I have nothing to do with the students now" is this what you think?

You are just like everyone else, my friend. But only until you want that testimonial they promised to give you. You also made SMS automation to remind them about the testimonials.

But what did you get? "The course was amazing, and I enjoyed it!" Well, who cares about enjoyment? You would want people to talk about all the transformation that your course is providing. You are struggling here.

What if there is a simple solution for all these struggles?

Get a list of questions that'd make your students think and answer the way you want them to.

Make a Typeform using these questions and automate the offboarding process in your email services provider like Mailerlite or MailChimp.

Now you are ready to launch your course that would make people go gaga.

Now you know the components that you can automate in your course launch. From tracking your project to making the course launch live, there are 1000s of tools that offer free plans. Get the right tools under your cap and see your course launch becoming a cakewalk.

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