the content catalyst


Ready to overcome creative block and level up

your content game? 

Get 6 months done for you content including prompts, captions & call to actions, content planner and more...

to capture your leads + sales
from your instagram

(...even if you don’t have a large audience)

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If you're an entrepreneur, you’re too busy with your clients to grow your own business on Instagram!

You have probably realized by now that content creation isn't easy task!

do you know why?

This is primarily because the struggle of what to post is real!

There are days when you have a lot of ideas and then there are days when nothing seems to click at all!

Needless to say, it is difficult to think about good content ideas and fill in the blanks in captions for your personal brand while still managing the other important aspects of scaling your business.

Having a well-researched and comprehensive ebook that gives you ready-to-use content for service-based business owners and online entrepreneurs can definitely be a life-saver!

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imagine if..

You no longer have to spend hours thinking about what to post on your feed and what to write in captions to have an engaged community. 


You no longer have to spend hours and days thinking about new content ideas because you have a lot of content prompts at your fingertips.


You don’t have to spend thousands and lacs every month to work with a social media manager because coming up with content ideas every month is no longer a task.


You get access to a magic wand that makes content creation  extremely easy and super enjoyable because you're no longer stressing about coming up with enough ideas and captions.

You have a seamless process for content creation that is known to give you the results that you truly desire for your business because payment notifications are better than social media notifications.

are you thinking this?

Instagram is a visual platform and is obsessed with video now. So do even content and captions even matter? 

As social media moves more and more towards video, I knoooowww you're thinking of dropping the caption altogether.


But let me ask you this… 

“Would you not want to connect with your followers on a deeper level? And not sure HOW?”


If you’re nodding your head yes… you, ARE, nodding your head yes, right? 


Then get ready, because It lies in the right  CONTENT and the CAPTION. 


Sure, a visual stops the scroll in a feed. 


But a caption is what keeps someone ON your post – for a longer time. (Which the algorithm definitely notices – hint hint.)

and the result of right content and captions?

Get visible in your market… so that you go from being invisible and unknown to: “OMG I love watching your posts!”

Boost your engagement… so that you never get a “crickets only” response to your content again

Get qualified, ready-to-buy leads so you can build up your email list or book out your call calendar. 

C-O-N-N-E-C-T-I-O-N (resulting in more sales and conversions)

Imagine getting DM's saying "Your last post spoke to my soul. How do we work together?"


the content catalyst

Your eBook with 410+ plug-and-play content prompts and 80+ captions done-for-you to help you come up with content ideas for an entire month in less than 30 minutes!

included two bonus lessons

  1. Proven tips for you to implement the Know-Like-Trust Factor that will help you convert your leads into paying clients without much effort!

  2. Tried-and-tested workflow to simplify your content creation process to help you create content in less than 3 hours every week!


Sonitha’s TCC is a  great investments for anyone who creates content on social media.
They are both extremely well researched and have a ton of value for anyone.
Here’s what I can guarantee - it will save you hours every week with your content creation process!

A no-brainer investment in my opinion!

- Saloni Srivastava, 7 Figure Entrepreneur


Sonitha has compiled a unique set of ideas that will help you cut down time on brainstorming and actually do your content framework and strategy faster. Highly recommend you get TCC now!

- Saheli Chatterjee, Freelance Consultant

what's inside TCC?

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TCC is divided into different sections to help you on various .

As soon as you snag a copy of The Content Catalyst, you get:

  • 120+ Plug-and-Play Strategically-Designed Content Prompts that can be used by any entrepreneur. (Value: Rs. 2397/-)

  • 280+ Ready-to-Use Industry-Specific Content Prompts for content writers, VAs, SMMs, Coaches, and more! (Value: Rs. 3697/-) 

  • 80+ pre-written captions to fit any industry which can be customized in minutes just by filling in the blanks which can be adapted for social media captions/blog posts/newsletters. (Value: Rs. 3697/-)  

  • CTA Guide - Perfect to end your captions to bring in more engagement (Value: Rs. 997/-) 

  • One stop Evergreen Content Planner for IG feed, stories, reels and newsletter to keep everything in one place. (Value: Rs. 1297/-)  

  • Quick Tips on How to Bring the K-L-T Factor into Action (Value: Rs. 1297/-)

  • My 6-Step Result-Driven Content Creation Workflow that you can steal for your business (Value: Rs. 1197/-)

The total value of TCC is Rs. 14597/- but

TCC can be yours at just Rs. 999/- (just for a few days!) You don’t want to miss out on this amazing deal!

here's what you get

If you’re a service-based entrepreneur or are a freelancer and want to attract the right kind of people to your social media, TCC is your holy bible!

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You get 410+ ready-to-use prompts that can be repurposed for Instagram feed, stories, reels and newsletters which can literally change your social media game in no time!       

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You get 80+ ready-to-use content captions that can be customizable to any industry which helps you to showcase your expertise and save hours of time in writing captions for your content.

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You get 20+ NewsLetter ideas to nurture your community on Email List effectively and attract leads so you can sell out your product, build your email list or book out your call calendar.

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You will get lifetime access to my Notion template for content planning that will make content planning and creation a million times easier and faster! This is so life-changing!

You'll get access to my unique tool to generate headlines in minutes. Create many headlines with ONE CLICK.

You'll get immediate access to CTA guide which helps you having effective call to actions in your every piece of content!

  1. You’ll get to learn the best method of incorporating the KLT Factor into your content strategy!

  2. You get instant access to a proven content creation workflow that will help you save time and effort!



You can continue to repeat these tips and tricks to drive the business growth that you’ve been longing for! 

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how many prompts are in TCC?

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120 plug-and-play prompts that can be used by any service-based entrepreneur.


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coaches and consultants

37 prompts to help you get higher enrolments for your programs

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health and wellness

37 prompts to help you establish yourself as an authority.

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33 prompts to help you

attract high-paying clients

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beauty and skincare

37 prompts to help you

get more leads for your services.

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social media


36 prompts for you to up your game and close more deals

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personal growth

42 prompts for you to get eyeballs and ace your game

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virtual assistants

34 prompts to help you look like the perfect person to hire

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self-care and mental health

36 prompts for you to 

connect with your ideal clients

TCC is available at an unbelievable price

of Rs. 1197/- (only for a few days!) 

Price goes up very soon!


Sonitha's Content Catalyst is a game-changer for someone like me who works with multiple business niches in clients. Her done-for-you templates make content creation a breeze- and the pricing for this value is extremely affordable. This saved me at least hours if not days of brainstorming and research- and my clients love the ideas as well. 

- Jay Gupta, Online Business Manager


Content creation did take up a lot of my time and because of this, I’ve had a tough time being consistent at it! TCC looked like the perfect solution and it indeed is!

TCC is not just any other eBook! All content prompts are unique and very usable! I’m in love with the content prompts for coaches! Both the bonuses are also very valuable.

TCC has eased my content creation worries by 100% and I’ve never felt as confident about my Instagram strategy before. Thank you so much Sonitha 😊

- Palak Taneja, Business Coach

let's recap!

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  • 120 plug-and-play content prompts and 280+ industry-specific prompts.

  • 80+ Instagram feed captions

  • 25 newsletter ideas

  • Content Planner for IG feed, stories, reels and newsletter!

  • Learn how to infuse the K-L-T Factor into your content strategy to make more sales.

  • My 6-Step Result-Driven Content Creation Workflow.

The total value of TCC is Rs. 14597/- but TCC can be yours at just

999 INR


In simple words, TCC is a game-changer. Because it seems like TCC is solving one problem - saving time, but the results of TCC are actually not just saving time. Stories are a way to nurture your audience into liking you and trusting your products and services so that they buy from you.


TCC helps in this and it means an increase in sales. I am in love with it already, and this pdf is what I open every time I sit to plan my content now. If you're someone that's building an online presence and an online business, I highly recommend you to get your hands on TCC.

Anagha, VA, SMM and VA + SMM Coach

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Wow, just wow. I don’t think I will need to sit down to brainstorm content with TCC and TRV by my side. It’s going to save me hours every week that goes behind coming up with content. All I need to do is just go go go :) I love how TCC has all the different types of content for different coaches and the beauty is with a little tweak here and there, you have a countless number of plug and play prompts. Sonitha has done amazing work creating these and it’s going to be a game-changer.

- Rupal Gogia, Coach