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Sonitha (herein referred to as “Consultant”) and Company, is not an employee, agent, lawyer, doctor, manager, therapist, public relations or business manager, registered dietician, or financial analyst, psychotherapist or accountant. Client understands that Consultant has not promised, shall not be obligated to and will not;


(1) procure or attempt to procure employment or business or sales for Client;

(2) perform any business management functions including but not limited to, accounting, tax or investment consulting, or advice with regard thereto;

(3) act as a therapist providing psychoanalysis, psychological counseling or behavioral therapy;

(4) act as a public relations manager

(5) act as a publicist to procure any publicity, interviews, write-ups, features, television, print or digital media exposure for Client; (6) introduce Client to Consultant’s full network of contacts, media partners or business partners. The client understands that a relationship does not exist between the parties after the conclusion of this program. If the Parties continue their relationship, a separate agreement will be entered into.

You cannot use any of the course materials as your own or modify and share them. You can use everything that you have taught inside for your own business/ social media but under no circumstances can you teach it to anyone else. If any material you're selling is found to be a copy of my material, you will be blacklisted from my future courses and action will be taken.

You shall not share your course login credentials with someone else is not allowed. If found doing so, your access will be removed and you will be blocked from joining any future courses



Each course has a respective access period post which your access will be removed. Your access cannot be extended unless renewed and you cannot request a transfer to another course or program even if the investment is lesser.

If you do not attend coaching calls, they will not be compensated. However, if a call is canceled from my side, we will make sure it is rescheduled.


Your success after using the frameworks and methodologies taught by Sonitha Mandava depend on a variety of factors. We have no way of knowing your work ethic, quality of work and implementation, your dreams, motivation or goals. Therefore, we do not guarantee or imply that you will get certain results, make a certain business revenue or whatsoever. 

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